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A Letter from the Pastor

Dear Covenant friends,

May is here and the beauty of God’s creation is in full bloom. I don’t know about you but our household has been mowing and weeding, tilling and planting, making preparations for a beautiful outdoor space for our family and a full harvest of fruits and vegetables come the summer. This is one of my favorite times of the year: till and prepare the soil, dig in and pull out weeds that are starting to sprout, mix in mushroom compost for the garden and plant beautiful little tender plants to nurture and grow to produce fruit…. I can’t help but be reminded of how God is quietly working in our lives as well: breaking in to our hardened places that develop over the winter seasons of our lives and softening us to be able to receive the seeds God wants to plant in us to produce good fruit. God sometimes prunes us as well so we can produce even more fruit than ever before. Did you know that grapevines in a vineyard will only produce fruit when the vine is in such a state of shock that it thinks it is going to die and only then does the work to produce grapes? Jesus talks about this a little bit when he tells the disciples that he is the true vine and God the Father is the vine-grower in John chapter 15. He reminds us all that God is the master gardener working in us and for us. Our work is to abide in the true vine, Jesus Christ. That’s it. Just abide. Dwell. Remain. Be. In the love of God. Not work ourselves to death to prove ourselves worthy — we are already worthy just because we bear the image of God in us as God’s good creation. We don’t have to do anything….just simply abide. Well, I don’t know about you but this just doesn’t sit well with my Protestant work ethic. Do you know how hard it is for me to just be? Why do we always feel like we always have to be doing in order to feel competent and capable and worthy of the love of God in Christ? Why, especially when God doesn’t say this is a requirement for acceptance? No, we only need to abide with Christ. As we dwell with Christ, God works in us by the power of the Holy Spirit that we might bear the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 3:23- 24). This is the work of God and not we ourselves. So as we make preparations in our gardens and go about the business of mowing and weeding and pruning this season, let us remember to abide in Christ, to just simply be, and allow ourselves to be nurtured by the Spirit of God, our comforter and companion. Enjoy the sunshine, friends! The Son shines on!

Blessings, Pastor Laura

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